Mon, 04/27/2015 - 19:10 -- moodfamily

Somewhere in a meaningless hamlet on the outskirts Belgium, an idiosyncratic creature arose from the fatty clay ground. The sudden presence of this new organism changed the life of ‘Polderman’, the local disc jockey of the small community. Polderman brought this fresh shaped life form to his sober shed and gave him the name ‘KooDoo’. Day by day, tons of sound colours gently trickled in his brains. As a result KooDoo got inspired by Polderman’s heroes - Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits - and by his hobby, being an old fashioned disc jockey at local festivities. 

These events unintentionally pushed him to follow the same direction. So to say, swankly done. Nearly a grown up, the idiosyncratic creature took up the musical luggage and left his lost hamlet. Destination: the outside world, dominated by dangerous fauna like legislators, registrars, conservatives, priests and other gabblejackers. There he immediately fell in love with electronic music, the music of his generation and a powerful weapon to flee from this annoying fauna. Today KooDoo is a proud member of Moodfamily, where he sets out the musical guidelines as a A&R-collaborator. KooDoo's constant aim is to provide you refreshing dance tunes, perfectly suitable for boobiebuffets, nightly cartrips through desolate Communist landscapes or gatherings on space ships fuelled with gin. Beside that KooDoo also enjoys peeled kiwi’s, Jean's spaghetti's, people talking cockney English and morning on a Sunday evening.