Fri, 06/30/2017 - 10:47 -- moodfamily

What does a jump horse and a pair of turntables have in common? Well, they are both brilliant led by the athletic strapper LaMaz. A well respected professional horseback rider during the week, an even appreciated night owl during the weekend.

The tale of this multitalented boy, officially known as Bram Van Waes, begins in the dike marsh lands of Watervliet. There at a young age he started to get inspired by beat driven sounds. With the fellow villager KooDoo on his side he started to play music, meanly in small attics or narrow dungeons, with friendly specimen as his audience. His kooky underground sounds were praised and enthusiastic receipted. As a result he crawled out of the shadow and wormed his way into the Belgian techno and house scene.

The deejay career of LaMaz lifted off and quick as a wink came possibilities to play in famous venues or on well respected festivals in Belgium, from gigs in Fuse and Kompass Klub to residencies on concepts like Feestgedruis, Tuupe and Roots of Minimal.

Today the lad has teamed up with Moodfamily. There LaMaz will continue to enthral audiences with a distinctive mixture of house and the deepest, most cutting edge angle of techno. Whether he is playing alone or alongside KooDoo, with sounds that are strong and deep at the same time LaMaz understands how to make a party move.